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Emily Dodson   |  BA in Digital Media   |   |   936.554.5912


Hey there, my name is Emily Dodson. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin in 2014 with a BA in Digital Media.

Axe 'Em. 

I thought graduation would mean moving away and pursing graphic design in a big city, but its become clear to our little family that we're supposed to be in Nacogdoches. So we've put down roots, and I have been learning what it means to be a creative in a small East Texas town.

I spent one year teaching Middle School Art and learned that I love passing on skills and knowledge... though perhaps not to angsty preteens.

I spent a year as lead graphic designer for a t-shirt company, and learned that the best parts of my job were teaching the other graphic designers new skills.

I currently serve as the part time Creative Director at my church, Mosaic Nacogdoches, and I am privileged to work with college interns that serve on our creative team. I help take their new skills, or weekend hobbies and show them how to practically use them to work in the church setting.

I am also currently the Social Media and Marketing co-lead for all onshore activity for Etech. Here I learn every day what it means to speak the creative language in a job where everyone else is speaking the corporate one. I'm learning to take the day to day needs of our departments and translate them into creative projects. 


Since graduation I have realized that when creativity is your job, its crucial to make sure you make time for your own artistic projects, even if its just spelling out words in guacamole on your kitchen counter at 11pm.  So that's what I've been trying to make more time for- art that I want to make, even if I'm the only one that giggles, or laughs, or cries at it, because I spend most of my days being creative for everyone else.  I'm passionate about good branding and clean designs, and I've recently found a new love for typography that I'm excited to push further into.

I'm hoping to continue working in my field as I pursue my MFA at Stephen F. Austin. I think that continuing to grow my knowledge and skill sets, while balancing that with business world application will help me best achieve my career goals. When I first set out to study art I was met with criticism and comments that I wouldn't find a 'real job', but through the incredible encouragement of my professors, and an uphill battle trying to work as a designer in a small town, I have realized that it is possible. My ultimate goal is to pass on skills and experience to other students beginning their journey in digital art as a professor. My husband, son Atticus, and I have found a community and life in Nacogdoches that we love, so my hope would be to one day find a place teaching young artists at SFA.  I want to equip students with the skill sets and the encouragement to step into careers in art and design. 

Whether that road is a short one, or I am given more opportunities to grow in my current career path, I know that continuing my education will help me become the artist and designer I want to be.