Bachelor of Arts    |    Digital Media and Creative Writing


On the weekends you'll find me shopping at the farmer's market, having lightsaber fights with my son Atticus, or going on dates to movies with my husband Joe and a giant bucket of popcorn. Our little family has been called to stay in this sweet town that has drawn us into community and pushed us further toward the Lord; so look for me in this tiny town with red brick streets, drinking too much coffee and trying to make the world more beautiful, one brand at a time.   



I'm a Graphic Designer based out of the oldest town in Texas. 

English born, Texas raised and married to the love of my life. I have a heart for travel and missions, and a passion to see my community thrive. 


I believe that the success of a company lies in a solid brand, strong marketing, and personalized customer relations.


I’m passionate about designing new brands, and furthering existing brands to create a consistent look and extend the reach of a company’s impact.

I love Jesus, Travel, and Joe Dodson.  I also love to design. Lets work together.         936.554.5912